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Red Alert Politics

D.C. bartender to charge Obama $702 for beer, thanks to Obamacare

One D.C. bartender has come up with a very creative way to express his feelings toward the government shutdown and the Affordable Care Act....

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Red Alert Politics

RCP’s average ranking for Obama’s approval rate drops below 40 percent for the first time

President Barack Obama's approval rating has dipped so low in recent months over the failed roll out of the Affordable Care Act that the aggregate ranking of his approval rating, as conducted by Real Clear Politics, reached an all-time low of 39.8 percent on Tuesday....

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Red Alert Politics

[WATCH] Ted Cruz parodying Jay Leno’s “If you like your plan” monologue

Ted Cruz may not like avocados or Obamacare, but he sure does a mean Jay Leno impression....

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Red Alert Politics

FLOTUS gives parenting tips to Justin Bieber’s mother

After all, who better than America's first mother - Michelle Obama - to teach Justin Bieber's mother how to raise her pop star son!...

Red Alert Politics

[WATCH] Obama nearly compares himself to a bunch of pigs

President Barack Obama had so much trouble connecting with college students during his trip to the Wolverine State Friday to promote the newly-signed Farm Bill that he nearly compared himself to a bunch of pigs....

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Red Alert Politics

Following recent shootings, Indianapolis pizza delivery drivers arming themselves while on the job

Pizza delivery men in Indianapolis aren't just armed with delicious pizza these days....

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Red Alert Politics

Conservative ‘Cowboys’? Wyoming named most conservative state in the Union

Chances are if you live in Wyoming you're a conservative, according to Gallup's annual "State of the States" poll....

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Red Alert Politics

TV’s Mike Rowe, college experts acknowledge that college isn’t for everyone

For many of us, college is not considered an option, but a requirement. But is it really worth it for many young Americans?...

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Red Alert Politics

Conyers, Rangel, Jackson Lee among members forming caucus to help Obama enact executive actions

President Obama made it clear in his 2014 State of the Union address that he plans on using as many executive orders as necessary to make sure his political agenda is enacted in 2014, and now he'll have some help in the legislative branch thanks to the creation of a new Congressional Caucus created solely for...

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Red Alert Politics

[WATCH] Michele Bachmann and Bernie Sanders partake in heated sparring match on ‘The Situation Room’

Things got pretty heated Monday afternoon between Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during CNN's "The Situation Room." So much so that the usually verbose Wolf Blitzer couldn't do much but sit on the sidelines and let the two spar with one another....

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Red Alert Politics

Proposed new rules in Illinois would require residents to trade in their guns in order to get medical pot

Several states nationwide have instituted various "gun buyback" programs for everything from grocery store gift cards to straight up cash. Illinois has come up with a bit more crafty of a buyback incentive, however: medical marijuana....

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Red Alert Politics

Rasmussen: Americans would rather see government shutdown than Obamacare funded

A majority of Americans prefer that the government go through a partial shutdown to cut funding for Obamacare, according to a new study by Rasmussen Reports....

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Red Alert Politics

Katy Perry speaks out against gun violence following Md. shooting

Pop singer Katy Perry had some pretty harsh words to say following the news of a deadly shooting in a suburban Baltimore mall Saturday....

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Red Alert Politics

[WATCH] Rev. Al Sharpton accuses Ted Cruz of politicizing Travyon Martin’s death

Killing two birds with one stone is an understatement for what the Reverend Al Sharpton did on his MSNBC show "Politics Nation" Tuesday evening, as the civil rights leader accused Texas Sen. Ted Cruz of "politicizing" the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012 during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the controversial "Stand...

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Red Alert Politics

[WATCH] Anthony Weiner claims Hillary is the most amazing, qualified candidate in U.S. history to run for President

Trying to revive his 15 minutes of fame, former Congressman - and New York City Mayoral Candidate - Anthony Weiner has made headlines again. This time, he's trying to get back in the graces of his wife's longtime boss....